Who is


Nurture a Child Uganda is a place of hope and refuge for vulnerable children in Soroti, Uganda.

In 2008, a young six-year-old girl was taking care of her dying mother in a hospice in Soroti, Uganda.  Beside a bed-ridden widow, there is too often a child waiting to become an orphan.  When the child's Mother died, there was no one from her village to take care of her and her brothers.  She turned to the hospice's manager, Pastor James Eparu and his wife, Norah.

​Parnter with us on this journey.

Your involvement makes a BIG difference.

If you would love to connect with a grassroots ministry where your involvement makes a HUGE impact, you're in the right place.  We have spoken to hundreds of people who have shared a similar message.  They want to give.  They want to partner with an international mission.  They care about the orphaned children of this world.  But they largely do not know what to do. They want to feel connected and part of something big.  NACHU offers this kind of partnership - lifechanging, hope-filled, overflowing with possibilities.

Our hopes and dreams...

'Hope is rising' at NACHU!

We have big dreams for NACHU, but we also know this ministry is in God's mighty hands.  His divine plan goes far before ours. 

We are currently in the process of establishing consistant monthly support for NACHU's basic needs.  We have dreams of a new facility, school for orphans, and a large garden and livestock area. 

With hope, faith, and God on our side - we know the possibilites are endless...